Does God Hear My Prayer?

Does God really hear our prayers?

Have you ever wondered if your prayers to God are really heard? Is prayer just a psychological trick, or a true communication with a Holy Being?

No doubt, we have all asked ourselves this probing question—especially when it seems we struggle with one difficult challenge after another.

In this lesson, Wayne Jackson explores the subject of prayer and whether or not God really hears our prayers.


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  1. Comment by Patricia Games at 3:27PM.

    Thank you , this was a wonderful Lesson!

  2. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 4:04PM.

    Listen now! Don’t delay! The reward is to great! You will need this lesson and others that you meet or know will need it too. Get familiar with it so that you can share it. It will fortify your faith without a doubt. It will help you to fortify others. Yes, it is that good! Thanks again.

  3. Comment by Pamela Nichols at 2:52PM.

    I appreciate the lesson on prayer. Thank you for taking the time to help me understand God’s Word a little clearer.