The Bible and Science

Astronomy girl
A study of true science will always harmonize with a correct interpretation of the Bible.

One of the most common accusations from atheists is that Christianity is anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth.

True science and a true interpretation of the Bible will always harmonize because both originate with a perfect God who is not an author of confusion. In this study, we examine the wonderful symphony between the Bible and science.

In this 14-part series, we examine multiple scientific disciplines and demonstrate how true science and the Bible do not oppose each other.

We’ve also included two FREE bonus books which were referenced in the latter sessions.


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  1. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 12:09PM.

    This is a great series. I have it on CD and have listened to it several times. Too many people are trying to fit the bible into the world and have come up with all kinds of wrong ideas as to how this world operates. Wayne’s lessons help you understand how the world fits into the bible and it all falls into place. I’d give this resource five stars if there was a rating system. Another reason I like this series is because Wayne doesn’t talk down to his audience and he doesn’t make you feel as if you need a science degree to understand the topics covered. It is well thought out and presented very straight forward. I’d also suggest buying his companion book from which this series is drawn.

  2. Comment by Don Wade at 10:15AM.

    I’m new to the FYF members site, but I believe that the content of this series of lessons alone makes the cost of supporting membership more than worth it. I also thank you for including the transcripts and Bonus Books, which should prove to keep me busy for quite some time. It just seems to me that every Christian in the 21st Century should be well versed in this material, and I thank you for providing it here!