Fortify Your Faith Special Studies

In our Special Studies department, we present to you complete packages of in-depth studies on a variety of topics. These may include series of both audio and video, as well as handouts, lesson notes, transcripts, and more.

Sex plague

America: Obsessed With Sex

The mutual pleasure and divine purpose of the sexual union within the sacred bonds of marriage have been distorted and abused to the nth degree. Sexual obsession has become a common theme throughout American culture—in it music and entertainment, public policy, and at every level of society.

This presentation by Wayne Jackson was originally recorded in October of 2001, immediately following the attacks of 9/11. How quickly we forget.

In this two-part series, we examine America: Obsessed With Sex.

Cup runneth over

My Cup Runneth Over

When David wrote the twenty-third psalm, little did he know that the words he penned would become one of the most recognizable verses of all biblical literature.

While this psalm is quoted and memorized by scores of people, few let the words truly permeate every fiber of their being.

“My cup runneth over.” Oh, the blessings we have received from Jehovah. Our cups do run over with blessing upon blessing.

Many Christians recognize their responsibility to be giving people—to share the blessings in their cup with others.

In this three part Special Study on the topic of Christian giving, we examine what can be a difficult subject from an unusual perspective for many people—that is, God’s point of view.

Astronomy girl

The Bible and Science

One of the most common accusations from atheists is that Christianity is anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth.

True science and a true interpretation of the Bible will always harmonize because both originate with a perfect God who is not an author of confusion. In this study, we examine the wonderful symphony between the Bible and science.

In this 14-part series, we examine multiple scientific disciplines and demonstrate how true science and the Bible do not oppose each other.

We’ve also included two FREE bonus books which were referenced in the latter sessions.

Wj bigtress

Jesus the Master Teacher

There is no other teacher in human history as effective as Jesus of Nazareth. No one even comes close.

Which is why we should study—not only his content—but his methodology as well.

In this two-part series, Wayne Jackson explores a sample of our Lord’s teaching greatness. It was delivered in an outdoor setting at the Big Trees Family Camp.


Misconceptions Regarding Baptism

It’s been said that if you were to call a hundred ministers out of the phone book and asked them each a question about baptism, you would get a hundred different answers.

This confusion, however, is completely unnecessary. The Bible is rather clear on this very important topic.

In this two-part series, we examine several false ideas about baptism that exist in the religious community.


Getting To Know Your Bible

We may never comprehend the subtle nuances of Shakespeare, the genius of Leonardo DaVinci, or even the artistry of a skilled Swiss watchmaker, but it is IMPERATIVE that we understand, comprehend, and appreciate the greatest work of art ever produced—the Bible.

For many people, the Bible is a mysterious and confusing document. The main reason for this is that most people have never had someone to show them the elegant design of this masterpiece of literature.

In this six lesson study, Wayne Jackson walks us through the Bible and unfolds the marvelous plan and design behind what is simply called—The Book.


Demonology: 101

Interest in demons is always high, especially any time there is one of those movies with a child who’s eyes glow in the dark and a head that turns 360°.

It didn’t take me but a few seconds to find a current news article on alleged modern-day demonic possession. In the March 16 (2009) issue of TIME magazine, Gilbert Cruz profiles a modern-day exorcist. He was a skeptic until he had “demon training” in the Vatican. Now he is a believer.

So what about demons? Were they simply an ancient superstition or an historical reality? Who or what were they? A bad case of indigestion, or a malevolent entity that indwelled and ravaged human hosts.

And are they still active today?

Wayne Jackson discusses demonic possession in this three-part series—Demonology: 101.