My Cup Runneth Over

Cup runneth over
Our cups run over because our God is a generous giver.

When David wrote the twenty-third psalm, little did he know that the words he penned would become one of the most recognizable verses of all biblical literature.

While this psalm is quoted and memorized by scores of people, few let the words truly permeate every fiber of their being.

“My cup runneth over.” Oh, the blessings we have received from Jehovah. Our cups do run over with blessing upon blessing.

Many Christians recognize their responsibility to be giving people—to share the blessings in their cup with others.

In this three part Special Study on the topic of Christian giving, we examine what can be a difficult subject from an unusual perspective for many people—that is, God’s point of view.


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  1. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 10:25AM.

    Giving has to be one of the more difficult concepts a Christian deals with in their lives. We all struggle with the question that if we give too much of our money, time or just of ourselves then will we have enough to do what we want to do? When we give in faith, then God will ensure that we will not only have enough to replace what we’ve given but he will provide extra so we can give more.

    These lessons are very important and very needed in the church today. Thank you, Wayne, for the lessons. Thank you, Jared, for posting them. Your whole family encourages my wife and me to be better Christians.

  2. Comment by James McDonald at 6:09AM.

    To give upon the first day of the week is a command of necessity. God in his wisdom gave us the church for a home for his children. Also in his wisdom he gave us a command to give accordly to the way we prosper. I guess it is human nature to desire to receive but many times when it comes to giving man becomes stingy. God measures our love, our committment, and dedication to the cause of Christ in the way we are stewards of what he has given us. God blesses us in so many way; let us return our thankfulness by giving freely of our means cheerfully.

    Thanks Wayne for great lesson on giving; Thank you Jared for posting these.

    Your encouragment is greatly received.
    James McDonald

  3. Comment by Shane Fisher at 1:49PM.

    Giving is definitely one of the hardest tests for a Christian to face. So far in my life I have been able to give 10% of what I make to God. I’m not trying to be boastful and I understand that tithing is the system we are no longer under. I’m glad because when I do get a better job with better pay, I want to increase to 15%. I hope and pray that God will grant that request. Let us all strive to be good stewards.