Demonology: 101

Demons: Ancient Myth or Historical Reality?

Interest in demons is always high, especially any time there is one of those movies with a child who’s eyes glow in the dark and a head that turns 360°.

It didn’t take me but a few seconds to find a current news article on alleged modern-day demonic possession. In the March 16 (2009) issue of TIME magazine, Gilbert Cruz profiles a modern-day exorcist. He was a skeptic until he had “demon training” in the Vatican. Now he is a believer.

So what about demons? Were they simply an ancient superstition or an historical reality? Who or what were they? A bad case of indigestion, or a malevolent entity that indwelled and ravaged human hosts.

And are they still active today?

Wayne Jackson discusses demonic possession in this three-part series—Demonology: 101.


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  1. Comment by Patricia Games at 8:56PM.

    I found this study very interesting!

  2. Comment by Betty Jackson at 8:09PM.

    Looks good, BB

  3. Comment by David Toy at 8:58PM.

    Simply wonderful! Thank you FYF and the material you are providing is outstanding!

  4. Comment by Jimmy Clark at 6:51AM.

    Thank you very much ffor the new web site. I appreciate it. I am sure others will also. Keep up the good work. Jimmy Clark.
  5. Comment by Jared Jackson at 11:43AM.


    All active Gold members get this for free as an additional benefit.


  6. Comment by Tracie Blackman at 1:26PM.

    Looks very nice. You have put a lot of hard work into this website. Can’t wait to see what else you will do.

  7. Comment by Jim Taylor at 3:16PM.


    Thank you for the preview.

    I think you meant “modern day exorist” and not modern day exocist" in your 2nd paragraph. :)

    Looking forward to spending some more time with the material.


  8. Comment by Jared Jackson at 5:32PM.

    Thanks, Jim. Correction made.

  9. Comment by Don Greene at 10:14PM.

    This is a fine study on a topic which is greatly misunderstood today. The Quick Reference Card is a tremendous resource! I have downloaded everything except parts 1,2, and 3 of the MP3s “Demonology 101”. There seems to be a dead link to the downloads. Wil

  10. Comment by Jared Jackson at 11:27PM.


    The links to all downloadable resources in this web site are hosted on a separate server and expire after a specific amount of time. If you are logged in and the link comes up expired, you will need to refresh the page to get a fresh set of links. So if you are listening to an audio, it will continue to play even after the links on the page expire. But if you’ve been on the page for a while, you will have to refresh to download.

    Also, I fix a bug that was cutting off the comments. Comments should work better now.

  11. Comment by Jesus Franco at 2:53AM.

    Look great..
    Great Job..

  12. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 6:09AM.

    I listened to the first lesson this morning. As always, I’m impressed with the depth of research Wayne has done for this series. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the lessons and read through the material.

    The website looks good so far. Can’t wait to see it when it’s 100% complete. Thank you, Jared, for providing such a rich new resource of sound, biblical material.

  13. Comment by Thomas L Hoppe at 9:55PM.

    I enjoyed the Lesson Part one. I’ll listen to the rest later.

    Thank you for the study.

    Thomas L Hoppe

  14. Comment by Don Greene at 1:20PM.


    I can listen to parts 1,2, and 3 of Demonology 101 but they will not download to my computer even after refreshing. Is is not designed to save to my computer? Are there any transripts available? I will gladly pay for transcripts. I am planning to teach a class on this subject and transcripts would help in my studues. Thank you, Don.

  15. Comment by Jared Jackson at 3:46PM.

    Don, transcripts are not available for this study at this time. Maybe soon.

  16. Comment by Mike Kinzel at 4:16AM.

    Jared, I just finished watching the Butt/Barker debate. Thank you very much for including it in our last mailing. I am not a debater and have no desire to be, but I Thank God there are those who are good at it and choose to do it. It seems that Mr. Barkers only argument is, he doesn’t agree with God so, God can’t exist.
    I have downloaded the demonology to my ipod and listened while driving and am looking forward to studying all the material.
    Thanks, Mike

  17. Comment by Rodger Headifen at 1:50AM.

    I thankyou very much for your great web site and what you have available for us, it will be of good help for us in Petone, NZ. I thank God for all the time it has taken you to do the studies and then make it available to us.
    Keep up the good work, Wayne, Jared and ALL the families. :)


    Reply: Rog, Glad you are finding these resources helpful. Love to visit NZ some day.

  18. Comment by Bob Skinner at 9:18AM.

    cannot copy parts 1-3, is there a trick to burning them to a CD. The error message reads it is not downloaded to my computer for copying.Bob

  19. Comment by Jojimon George at 7:40PM.

    Hi Bro. Jackson, The studies on demonology is great. I have listened to the 1st part. I have a doubt regarding one statement that you said: There was no demon possession in the O.T. How do we define the incident about Saul, when he was affected by an Evil Spirit sent from God? Was it not a Demon possession?

  20. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 4:28PM.

    I thought I would respond to Jojimon George. Bible students do not look at this passage (1 Samuel 18:10) as a reference to demon possession. The most likely explanation is that the ‘evil spirit’ was “a punishment inflicted by God himself upon the wicked Saul.” (rf. Coffman Commentary on First Samuel)

  21. Comment by Glen Goates at 5:43PM.

    Thank You, for such a great lesson, I have just listen to Demonology 101: Part 1, is it possible yet to burn to a cd/dvd, doesn’t seem like anyone can from what I have read, my pc keeps giving a message of missing files, errors or do not have permission. Thanks for all your hard work in the Lord, and sharing this with the brotherhood. Looking forward to all the lesson and learning more on this subject.

  22. Comment by Jared Jackson at 9:27PM.

    @Glen, please watch the video in the help center http://www.fortifyyourfaith.org/posts/26-video-how-to-download-files

  23. Comment by Kevin Randles at 8:17AM.

    Hey Jared,

    Is the Demonology 101: Special Report available to purchase in a soft cover or hard cover book?


  24. Comment by Patsy Cox at 12:14PM.

    Your answer to this first question is very clear and certainly very thorough! I assume it took much study for you to answer the question. Appreciate you very much!

    Patsy Cox

  25. Comment by William Burks at 1:26PM.

    Downloaded everything but the video. could not get that to work eat all. I did open a window and get it to play on the browser but no download to my computer

  26. Comment by Pamela Nichols at 11:05AM.

    RE DEMONOLOGY: I wanted to say how much I appreciate the detailed study from Wayne and Jared Jackson on Satan and Demons. This is one subject that I never remember studying in my many years of being a Christian. Yet, I always wondered about. What really struck me was how the demons did acknowledge Christ, God, their fate and even trembled at the thought. Especially they realize hell is real and will not be a good place. I liked the contrast between Jesus’ telling them to go, get out of the body with immediate obedience, unlike the fake exorcist today. Also, how they bring out that demons are a thing of the past and are no longer able to possess anyone today. Even though today we claim some people are so evil we think that they are demon possessed. They bring out how God created and God allowed them to enter people for a short period and like everything God did with purpose to prove and point to the fact that Jesus had the power over demons, to heal and confirm that He was God in the flesh. I enjoyed learning and seeing these points brought out. It sure helps me put things in proper perspective as to their reason of existence, etc. Thank you so much for all your dedicated work to help a lay person like me to further understand the parts demons played in the first century.