Why We Are Losing Our Youth

Losing faith
The cancer of unbelief is at work among our youth.

In this online video, Wayne Jackson presents some of the latest research on Why We Are Losing Our Youth — specifically, why so many young people are abandoning faith.

In this video presentation, Wayne Jackson reveals:

  • Why the growing trend of faithlessness among our youth is not an accident but instead is a well-organized conspiracy that is being systematically implemented at every level or our society.
  • The extremely effective “X-factor” which atheists employ on your children at the earliest ages … which is destroying their faith faster than any other method.
  • Damaging admissions from atheistic sources which prove the “X-factor” is completely bogus … but don’t look for them to stop using it any time soon … especially when so many Christians are vulnerable and unprepared to deal with it.
  • How you can fortify the faith of your children against the “X-factor” atheists are using to destroy their souls.
  • Three fake facts every parent needs to be prepared to counter.
  • One powerful argument against two weak, compromising positions entertained by some Christians.

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  1. Comment by Aaron Alsbrook at 12:24PM.

    Thank you for your critical thought. Great lesson for all of us, not only our youth!

  2. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 1:59PM.

    Movement away from the Bible begins much earlier than imagined. Therefore, we must teach basic fundamentals much earlier than you may imagine. Find out when that is in this lesson. Survey results are given. Learn about certain anomalies or “monkey wrenches” that mess things up for those espousing disruptive theories as facts. You will enjoy the “Candlelight Dinner” illustration and the “Bald Ox” argument. Be introduced to the fact that scientific and biblical evidence undermines the scientific follies and false philosophies aimed at destroying your faith. Your faith will be fortified. Will your children’s? See to it! See when!

  3. Comment by Reuben Rog at 12:50PM.

    Wayne presents an absolutely essential fact that if we do not teach our children at a young age that the bible is trustworthy and can be backed up with with fact and that the teachers of evolution contradict their own said facts. They have no proof and logically they have nothing to stand on.
    Teach your child NOW before the schools teach them falsely!!!!

  4. Comment by Roger Leonard at 3:55AM.

    I cannot download this. Have done others but this one will not. Suggestions? Thanks, Roger