America: Obsessed With Sex

Sex plague
In much of America, sexual obsession is becoming the norm, not the exception.

The mutual pleasure and divine purpose of the sexual union within the sacred bonds of marriage have been distorted and abused to the nth degree. Sexual obsession has become a common theme throughout American culture—in it music and entertainment, public policy, and at every level of society.

This presentation by Wayne Jackson was originally recorded in October of 2001, immediately following the attacks of 9/11. How quickly we forget.

In this two-part series, we examine America: Obsessed With Sex.


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  1. Comment by Denis Tomlinson at 2:01PM.

    I do not live in America but Jamaica is as obsessed with sex as America. Thanks for sharing, Wayne.

  2. Comment by David Garner at 1:20PM.

    The 2 part series “America: Obsessed With Sex” was a masterpiece, in my opinion. Thank you for making it available!

  3. Comment by James Burwell at 12:54PM.

    brother Wayne thank you so much. Ineeded to hear that.

  4. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 6:56AM.

    How did this happen? What are the symptoms? What are the causes? What is the remedy? These questions regarding America’s sexually obsession are answered in this very informative and practical double feature. Be warned, encouraged and enhanced here. Thanks again, marvelous Wayne.