Am I Your Enemy?

How do you react when someone you know and trust confronts you with your error?

In what may to some seem like a shocking statement, Paul inquires of the Galatian Christians:

“So then am I become your enemy, by telling you the truth?”

In this lesson, we will examine this rich text from four different vantage points:

  1. The historical background of the text
  2. Some important observations about the grammatical construction of Paul’s inquiry
  3. Vocabulary considerations—every word of the text of the Bible is inspired by God and is placed for meaning
  4. The Practical application of the spiritual principles found in this passage

This lesson is not only a great personal Bible study, but it is also a classic instructional lesson on how to prepare an expository lesson.


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  1. Comment by David Stevens at 1:04PM.


    The material Wayne did on Old Testament Studies in the Gospel of John was rich. I am now teaching an adult Bible class using this material and other study materials. Thanks so much for your good work!

  2. Comment by Karen Fouts at 2:44PM.

    May God continue to bless you in all your many works!

  3. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 10:55AM.

    This lesson was an encouragement to me to strive for loving truth and those for whom it is intended. Truth is powerful. Truth is more powerful when the application is applied. Truth is most powerful when the application is applied with gentleness and consideration. Thank you again, Wayne.

  4. Comment by Roger Leonard at 1:55AM.

    “….sometimes a preacher preaches a sermon because he needs it.” Good lesson and conclusion.

  5. Comment by Allen Tillman at 12:48PM.

    Wonderful thoughts! Love how brother Jackson really magnified Galatians 6:1 toward the end. Thank you!