Getting To Know Your Bible

Like a fine, Swiss timepiece, the Bible is a carefully crafted book designed with one purpose in mind--to save your soul.

We may never comprehend the subtle nuances of Shakespeare, the genius of Leonardo DaVinci, or even the artistry of a skilled Swiss watchmaker, but it is IMPERATIVE that we understand, comprehend, and appreciate the greatest work of art ever produced—the Bible.

For many people, the Bible is a mysterious and confusing document. The main reason for this is that most people have never had someone to show them the elegant design of this masterpiece of literature.

In this six lesson study, Wayne Jackson walks us through the Bible and unfolds the marvelous plan and design behind what is simply called—The Book.


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  1. Comment by Don Walker at 12:00PM.

    I am enjoying the sight and the great lessons. Is this study still in the building process or am I just not able to get to the materials? I am excited about this study.
    Don Walker

  2. Comment by Jared Jackson at 3:12PM.

    I had to replace a big section of code in the web site because the code module I was using just stopped working. Some kind of conflict between software upgrades. Everything should be accessible now.

  3. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 7:34AM.

    I’m unable to download the MP3s. When I click the download buttons for the Getting to Know Your Bible series, I get sent to the login page. I can login just fine.

    Reply: Thanks for the note, Lynn. I am just leaving home to go to the office. I’ll check it out as soon as I get there.

  4. Comment by DeVaughn E. Brown at 10:22AM.

    Aame problems as listed above. no sound. It just says buffering.

    Reply: We fixed the problem. It should be working now. Thanks for the feedback. Jared

  5. Comment by Glen Eddie at 11:34AM.

    Very enjoyable site, relavent to mine and my wifes studies. Thank you for the time and effort you are putting in. Please keep it up.

    Reply: Glen, thank you for the very kind words. I appreciate the encouragement. Jared

  6. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 1:27PM.

    Thanks again for getting the downloads working again. I can’t wait to get started on listening to these eight lessons you posted this week. Your whole family does great work for the Lord. Keep it up!

    Reply: Thank you for the help and the kind words! Jared

  7. Comment by Steve Griffin at 6:23AM.

    Jared am I able to download and listen to these lessons for the monthly fee that I pay or do I pay the $10.00 also?

    Reply: No, if you are a subscriber, there is no charge to download any of the files. In the future, I may add the ability for single purchases without a subscription. But all the resources are available for free to Gold members. Plus, I am loading up a bunch more to be added as soon as I can.

  8. Comment by Steven M. Hill at 7:47PM.

    Oh how I wish that men like Wayne Jackson could live for hundreds of years. His work is truly priceless!


  9. Comment by Timothy Mathews at 12:59PM.

    Getting to know your Bible is Mr. Wayne Jackson best audio series in Fortify Your Faith . I recommend this study to the new Christian who wants to know what the bible is all about . Even if your not a new christian this study will help you to help other to get better acquainted with there bible. Thank you Mr . Jared and Wayne Jackson for helping me get better acquainted with my bible . I wish this was in video format.