Misconceptions Regarding Baptism

There are many false ideas about baptism.

It’s been said that if you were to call a hundred ministers out of the phone book and asked them each a question about baptism, you would get a hundred different answers.

This confusion, however, is completely unnecessary. The Bible is rather clear on this very important topic.

In this two-part series, we examine several false ideas about baptism that exist in the religious community.


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  1. Comment by George Robison at 8:18AM.

    Thank you for your concern for the spirituality of others. I have used the ‘Demonology 101’ in a few Sunday morning classes already. Of course, it is a great privilege to ‘sit at the feet’ of Wayne Jackson. Keep up the good work in the Lord.

  2. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 11:01AM.

    The “Misconceptions Regarding Baptism” lessons are absolutely necessary listening. Really! Mr. Jackson does an outstanding job again. They must be required listening for anyone considering obedience to the gospel of Christ. Wow! Terrific! Thank you!

  3. Comment by Kathy Voorhees at 2:04PM.

    Great lessons on Baptism. We need to hear lessons such as this from our preachers, which we are not hearing anymore. Thank You for having these lessons available from Fortify Your Faith.