The Missing Link Found—Again?

Could this be THE missing link?

Just about every year or two, we have the latest, greatest fossil discovery reporting to be THE missing link that finally proves evolution true. More interesting than the discoveries are the candid admissions by the evolutionists themselves.

This is especially true in the most recent cast of the lemur monkey dubbed “Ida.” When I first saw the news reports last Tuesday, I couldn’t help but being amused at some of the quotes in the original news story.

I made this quick video to highlight some of these.

Also, here a several links to articles that also address Ida.

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  1. Comment by Ron Jensen at 3:18PM.

    We couldn’t view video because the controls were off the page (we have a Mac OSX)

    Reply: It should be working now. Jared

  2. Comment by Ron Jensen at 11:10PM.


  3. Comment by Ron Jensen at 4:26PM.

    Audio – yes. Video – no.

  4. Comment by Jojimon George at 4:44PM.

    This is awesome
    Thanks for the video

  5. Comment by George Robison at 2:30PM.

    I’m using the science material in an upcoming (3/20/2010) at a Town Meeting at our local theatre…be praying about this event…and thank you for your excellent study habits.