What the Church is Not

Examining church
You can identify Christ's church by both positive and negative characteristics.

When trying to identify an object, it is important to carefully consider its characteristics. But sometimes it is also helpful to consider characteristics missing from the object.

In this lesson, we study the identity of Christ’s church from a negative vantage point—namely, what the church is not.

I think you will find this study of grave importance especially in today’s environment.

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  1. Comment by DeVaughn E. Brown at 4:31AM.

    Is there a transcript available for this? I would like to add it to my notebook.

  2. Comment by Jared Jackson at 8:24AM.


    We do not have transcripts at this time. Perhaps in the near future we will be able to add them.


  3. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 11:55AM.

    This lesson takes care of four important things relative to what the church is not. Each of the four points could be expanded into single lessons, but if you want to lay the ax at the root of four errors with one blow, this is the lesson for you.
    It was a pure pleasure to listen to the gentle and forceful preacher.
    Thank you.
    Herb Carnagey