Attitudes Toward the Bible

Bible attitudes
Do you have any of these attitudes toward the Bible?

In this lesson, Wayne Jackson discusses some common attitudes toward the Bible—both positive and negative.

On one hand, some attitudes are to be embraced and encouraged.

On the other hand, there are some attitudes that must be eliminated to whatever extent they have influenced our thinking.

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  1. Comment by Patsy Cox at 11:00PM.

    I, too, love my own personal KJV Bible that I bought in 1973 and that is marked all throughout with my comments and references. I have patched, taped and tried to hold it together everway possible. Now, I would love to have it sent to a binder such as the one you sent yours to in South Carolina. I want to save the Book for the rest of my life and then hand it down to the one who would appreciate the effort I put into it. I would love the name of the professional lady who do the binding on your Bible. Is that possible?

    And, bye the way, this lesson is so much needed by many people….even some “in the church” who are still confused by the true baptism, and the purpose of their baptism. You make things so easliy understood! God Bless you in your work.
    Patsy Cox

  2. Comment by Patsy Cox at 11:38PM.

    I see the the last comment left by me should have stated I had commented on your sermon, Do Romans 6;3-41 & Gal.3:26-27 Refer to Spirit Baptism. I had read this earlier tonight.

    The Attitudes Toward the Bible is a completely different lesson and a clear slant on our attitude toward the Bible. We MUST believe the Word is inspired of God. It is not a Creed made by men; why can’t people understand that?

    Patsy Cox

  3. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 9:42PM.

    I wouldn’t give you my Bible for a thousand dollars and probably much more if it came right down to it. Be encouraged to cherish your Bible and its Author in this lesson.