Christian Courier: Volume 44

Cc vol 44
Christian Courier Volume 44

This file contains a complete set of the Christian Courier Volume 43

  • The Necessity and Reality of a Sinless Savior
  • Stronger Than Ever
  • Find the Hidden Agenda
  • Change and Hope
  • Fair Minded People Respect Value
  • Notes from Margin: Strong When Weak
  • Elijah, the Prophet of Confrontation
  • The Church of Christ: God’s Wisdom Revealed
  • Notes from Margin: Dedication
  • Rationalizing Personal Responsibility
  • The Church of Christ: God’s Kingdom
  • Be Careful Little Fingers What You Type
  • Notes from Margin: Total Depravity and Will-power
  • Judas Iscariot: From Apostle to Apostate
  • The Church of Christ: The “Other” Kingdom
  • Notes from Margin: Psalm 69
  • Does Ephesians 2:8-9 Exclude Baptism?
  • The Church of Christ: Pillar and Ground of Truth
  • My Family Credo
  • Notes from Margin: Salvation a Working of God
  • Unity Needed, Unity Required
  • Endangered Species: The Biblical Family
  • Notes from Margin: Brothers in Unity
  • May a Christian Woman Ever Teach a Man?
  • The Things Which You Have Prepared, Whose Shall They Be?
  • The Secret to Rearing Obedient Children—Part 1
  • Notes from Margin: Christ’s Word Dwelling in You
  • The Bible Only
  • The Secret to Rearing Obedient Children—Part 2
  • Notes from Margin: Restoration
  • The Christian Priesthood
  • The Seven Lies of Liberalism—Part 1
  • The Secret to Rearing Obedient Children—Part 3
  • Notes from Margin: The Holiness of God
  • The Doctrine of Open Theism
  • The Seven Lies of Liberalism—Part 2
  • What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?
  • Notes from Margin: Open Theism and Figurative Language
  • Calvinism—Part 1: The Man and the Reformation
  • The Seven Lies of Liberalism—Part 3
  • Prudent Parents, Children, and the Internet
  • Notes from Margin: The Falling Away
  • Calvinism—Part 2: Total Hereditary Depravity
  • Be Still and Know That I Am God
  • They’re Out to Steal Your Children
  • Notes from Margin: One Man’s Sin (Rom. 5:19)

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  1. Comment by Don Walker at 1:13PM.

    Hey Brother,
    This is great. I have been receiving the CC for years. It is good to have it now on my computer. I have not been able to download Volume 44, but I am sure you will get it going if it is on your end. If not, the I will get it figured out on this end.

    Also, just one more question. How far back are you going to go back with the volumes? I have had most of the copies in my hand, but they were not mine and I had to give them back. I would love to see all of the volumes in this format. A lot of work I know but as my granddad use to say, it ain’t no step for a stepper".

    Tell Wayne hello for me and that we appreciate all he does for the kingdom’s sake. You all are in my prayers daily.

    Don Walker, Austin, TX

    Reply: Don, this is a project we spent literally dozens if not hundreds of hours on. We have scanned in the entire archive of the Christian Courier all the way back except for 4 issues which are missing. We will be adding these in as quickly as possible.

    I just checked and the file downloaded fine on my end. I was having some trouble earlier but it should work now. Let me know if you have any errors. Jared

  2. Comment by Stephen Russ at 7:30AM.

    Jared, I am also having trouble downloading Volume 44. Other volumes downloaded fine. Thanks for all of the work!

    Reply: It should be working now. Thanks for the note. Jared