Amazing Grace

Eph 2
"For by grace have you been saved through faith ..."

Moses E. Lard once wrote about a particularly vile man who lived in his community that if old John would ever be saved, his theme song ought to be: “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.”

I suppose every honest and contrite heart feels the same way. Grace is such a treasured thought on the pages of divine inspiration.

But grace is also one of the most misunderstood topics of the Bible.

Let’s explore this important topic that demands our interest and attention, as well as our honest reflection.


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  1. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 1:19PM.

    Every “Stinking Sinner” and wretch, those who definitely do not deserve to be saved, those who cannot merit or earn salvation, and those who are unprofitable servants incapable of paying their debt must savor the sweet smelling aroma of this lesson. There is amazing grace from God. Learn how to have it applied directly to your spiritual bank account. There is a way. This lesson contains six points about grace that will beautify your life if you are willing. I have been graced again. Thanks!