Crossing the Rubicon

Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon—a point of no return.

A standing order forbade military leaders from bringing forces near Rome. In an act of rebellion, Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon river and reportedly said, “The die has been cast.” There was no turning back.

Just as Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon was a point of no return, there are many events in life that are also points of no return.

The crossing of the Rubicon by Julius Caesar has become a symbol of the point of no return. In this lesson, we examine religious and practical applications of this important principle.


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  1. Comment by David Toy at 6:13PM.

    Incredibly thought provoking lesson! Wonderfully down to earth yet the depth of wisdom contained therein would be analogous to the depth of the Marinas Trench. Thank you for the message.

  2. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 10:59AM.

    Absolutely riveting listening! Many illustrations, real life experiences and practical applications saturate this lesson. It is a fantastic message and that may be an understatement. Thank you very much, sir.