VIDEO: How To Download Files

In this brief “Help Center” video, I demonstrate how to download FYF files to your computer so that you can burn a CD or save them for later reference.

Please note that you are permitted to download our content for your personal use. You may not distribute our content without WRITTEN permission.

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  1. Comment by Richard Camera at 4:10PM.

    I have version 10,0,32,18 installed of Adobe Flash player,
    but I don’t have JW FLV Media Player. I still can’t view the video from here, but after downloading, I can play it with Quick TIme.

  2. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 2:09PM.

    Jared, Could you provide me some clarification about the use of the materials on the website? If I come across a lesson I feel someone would benefit from, is it okay to burn the lesson to an audio CD and give it to them? What are your rules concerning the PDF files if I want to give someone a copy of something I want them to read?