He Restores My Soul

A shepherd tends to his sheep.

Probably the best known psalm is number twenty-three.

This favorite psalm is a comfort in our darkest hours, and is a source of great peace for those distressed from many trials.

In this study, we meditate on one little phrase from this beloved piece of poetry so packed with significance: “he restores my soul.”

May your soul be refreshed and restored with this study.


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  1. Comment by Dian Jones at 7:44AM.

    He restoreth my soul! Jehovah my shepherd. What a wonderful way to begin the day being restored by the Word of God. I will read Psalm 23 with deeper meaning remembering where my strength for daily trials is located.

  2. Comment by Denis Tomlinson at 11:46AM.

    Such spiritual insight in Scripture! The LORD is my Shepherd!

  3. Comment by Lynn Burgess at 6:25AM.

    Thank you for posting this lesson, Jared. I’ve been dealing with some difficult life issues for the past couple of months and this lesson helped remind me of where I need to placing my faith. I still don’t know what God will do to help me but now I know he will.

    REPLY: I’m glad it was helpful. I’ll remember you in prayer. Jared

  4. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 10:12PM.

    Learn about God’s specific, personal, singular interest in your soul. You are individually important to Him. This lesson emphasizes how special you are to God. He desires your restoration internally, externally and eternally. Learn about that kind of love here. These thoughts are excellently presented. You are treasured by Jehovah. Listen and enjoy.
    Thank you very much.
    Herb Carnagey