Help For A Troubled Youth

Troubled youth
How would you help a young person who says they do not believe in God?

If a distraught mother asked you for help with her son who says that he no longer has any interest in Christianity, what advice would you give?

In this lesson originally delivered in the spring of 2000, Wayne Jackson shares with you the actual letter he received with this exact situation.

He also shares with you his response to her.

I know many parents are finding themselves in this situation. My hope and prayer is that this lesson will be of some service.


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  1. Comment by James McDonald at 7:19AM.

    Thanks Jared

    This was an excellent lesson on how to approach someone that has turned away from God. Your dad did a wonderful job using common sense and logic to illustrate to the young man that his reasoning was invalid.

    Your dad is a wonderful teacher and I am proud to be able to listen to him. THANKS AGAIN!!!

    In His Service
    James McDonald

  2. Comment by Richard Camera at 11:55AM.

    It seems a big leap to conclude that if you believe in “good and bad” you will logically believe that there is a God. Many more would be saved if it were that easy.

    REPLY: The validity of the argument doesn’t depend on a person’s receptivity. If that were the case, Christ himself would have been a failure seeing he was rejected by his own people. The moral argument is a powerful argument, but it must fall upon a receptive heart. Thanks for commenting. (Jared)

  3. Comment by David Toy at 11:55AM.

    I’ve listened to the “Help for a Troubled Youth” about four times and each setting come away with something new! Did “John” correspond with Wayne and if so, was he reseptive? And has the mother written back to pass on how her son is doing today?

  4. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 2:37PM.

    Herein is a touching and tragic story. This is the type of discourse you don’t often hear. Savor the logic that is used and see that faith in the things of God is reasonable, rational and discussable without using the Bible. To me the ultimate conclusion must be that there must be a communication, a Bible, from our Creator. Lawlessness is not a good option.