All Things Are Ready, Come To The Feast

God has prepared a great feast and YOU are the invited guest. Will you come?

But he said unto him, A certain man made a great supper; and he bade many: and he sent forth his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready (Luke 14:16-17).

So begins the parable of the sleighted invitation" which Christ taught during a supper of the Pharisees.

There are important and valuable lessons to learn from this poignant parable of the Lord.


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  1. Comment by Shane Fisher at 12:40PM.

    It is amazing to me how much our Lord draws stories (or parables) to make a point with his audience. He always strives to ignite the imagination because the we learn that way. That certainly makes Him the Great Master Teacher. I would like to share a story that helped me with the Lord’s incarnation (which did not come from me).

    If I Could Only Become a Bird!
    There is a story of a farmer who was fond of the many types of birds in his state and enjoyed viewing them as they landed in his harvested fields to eat what had been left behind from the harvest. Winter came in late November with a large snowfall. He noticed that the white field was covered with small birds looking for food where they had found it before. The grain was covered over and they could not find anything to eat. The farmer realized that they would surely die of the cold and starvation if they did not move in out of the cold.
    He went to his barn and opened up the barn door and the hayloft, then went out into the field to shoo the birds into the barn, but they flew up into the air, circled around and landed in a different place on the field. He slipped around behind them again to make them to fly into the barn, but the same thing occurred. He tried and tried again to get the birds into the barn, but they, not understanding what he wanted them to do, only flew away from the farmer. He was convinced that they would die during the night if he could not usher them into the barn where they would find food and warmth to sustain them until the snowstorm passed and they could again attempt to fly south. Watching the birds peck in the snow looking for food he thought to himself, “What could I possibly do to communicate to those birds that there is food and warmth in the barn and all I am trying to do is get them to go into the barn and save them from certain death out here in the snow storm?” As he watched helplessly he thought to himself, “If I could only become a bird, I could go into the midst of them and tell them about the barn and the food and warmth they will find if only they will follow me into the barn?”
    This story is a parable of God’s dealing with the human race. They are in the midst of a storm that will surely destroy them if they do not find there way out of the environment they are in. As the farmer reasoned, “If only I could become a bird,” so also God reasoned, “If only I would become a man, I could go into the midst of the human race and tell them about the salvation that is to be found if only they will follow me into the place I have prepared for them; “ and so he did!

  2. Comment by Patsy Cox at 7:54PM.

    I have never heard this subject explained as well as Wayne did it. Great help. I made margin notes in my Bible.

    Thanks, Patsy Cox

  3. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 8:36PM.

    Thirty-six minutes of my time has been remarkably redeemed. It could have been spent in a variety of inferior ways. I have been blessed with this message and you will be too. I will listen to this again.
    Thank you for the fun.
    Herb Carnagey