The Bible Is the Word of God

Bible in hand
You can have confidence in the fact that the Bible is the word of God.

There is an intense effort underway throughout our society to undermine the authority of the Bible.

One of the main fronts of attack is the assualt upon the divine authority of the Bible. If satanic forces can convince people that the divine record is nothing but a collection of ancient documents that may be valuable but not inspired, then the battle is over.

This attack is taking place in modern media, the university (and high school), and even in the pulpit.

But you do not have to be unarmed in this battle.

In this brief lesson, Wayne Jackson presents three powerful arguments for the divine origin of the Bible.


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  1. Comment by Mark Littleton at 7:20PM.

    As always, thanks for making this material available, Jared. You all are doing a fantastic job!

  2. Comment by Elaine Cook at 4:07AM.

    One of the most powerful, simple explanations I have heard in almost 40 years of gospel sermons. Thank you so much for this material!

  3. Comment by Richard Parsons at 5:24PM.

    About a year ago I taught a series of lessons on the Preservation of the Scriptures. “The Bible Is the Word of God” is an excellent defense of the divine origin and preservation of the Bible.

  4. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 8:31AM.

    We may embrace the eternal promises of the Bible. They cannot be disproved, displaced, nor destroyed. This lesson will fortify your faith in the integrity of the Bible and kindle a fire of gratitude in your heart towards the great communicators; God and His servant, Wayne.
    It was a listening pleasure.
    Thank you.