The Amazing Providence of God

Daily bread
"Give us this day our daily bread ..." is a prayer for providence enjoined by our Lord. Do we really understand the biblical doctrine of providence?

The Bible teaches that God is working providentially in His world to accomplish his will and in the lives of His children.

How long has it been since you sat down and reflected upon the providential activity of God in your life?

In this study, we examine the biblical teaching, the purpose, and the presence of our heavenly Father’s providence in our lives.

More importantly, we study how we sometimes undermine the effects of his providence in our lives.


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  1. Comment by Shane Fisher at 1:53PM.

    I would like to share something in my life that might be related to the idea of providence. I can certainly agree with Paul on “Perhaps” in Philemon because there are a couple of interesting things that have popped in my life when I went to Freed-Hardeman University. 1) My dad is a medical doctor (N.B. Hardeman’s dad was a doctor). 2) I want to be a preacher and so did bro. Hardeman. 3) My mom’s maiden name is Henderson and FHU is located in Henderson, TN. 4) A.G. Freed was born on my birthday. 5) It is interesting that Alexander Campbell who helped to generate the restoration movement was from a place near what is called Shane’s Castle. I just find those interesting. It is like God in a sense related these “hints” to me, but I really don’t know. All I truly know is that God does work in my life.

  2. Comment by Shane Fisher at 1:57PM.

    One more thought that I have had is that I wanted to tell y’all is that in Rom. 8:28, maybe it is just me, but sometimes I believe that verse is taken way out of context. I think we should take that verse to mean is that the scheme of redemption works out for our good as Christians. Any thoughts on that? I just thinking Paul has been building up from that point and issues this verse.

  3. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 9:19PM.

    It is great to be reminded that God cares for the human family. Being created in the image of God we have a high value in His eyes. In this lesson the general and specific concepts of providence are discussed. You will want to qualify for special providence. Learn some differences between providence and miracles. Have your faith soar with hope renewed and love for God heightened as you consider God’s benevolent provisions. This is truly a “Hallelujah” lesson. Regular doses are suggested.