The Nature of the Resurrected Bodies of the Wicked

Man in fire
What will be the nature of the bodies of evil men in the resurrection?

The Bible indicates that human beings were not created to be merely souls, but a being that possesses both a body and spirit.

While this fact is clearly evident in this life, revelation indicates this is a great and thrilling promise for those in the Lord. The redemption of our bodies and their eternal abode in heaven (like unto our Lord) is a great gift yet to be realized by the saints.

But little is said in scripture regarding the resurrection and nature of the wicked.

In this lesson, we explore some of the subtle hints regarding this interesting topic.

WARNING: This is not necessarily a very comfortable topic. But for the spiritually minded, it helps us make a sober evaluation of future events.


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  1. Comment by Glen Eddie at 1:35PM.

    This is a very complex subject and one that does need to be studied, our preacher is undertaking a study on resurrection in our adult studies and so we have found this to be a great add on study. Thank you for tackling this one, though you have never backed down on a study no matter how problematic or how contentious,

    Thank you,
    D. Eddie

  2. Comment by Denis Tomlinson at 3:59PM.

    Wow!!! Wayne’s vivid and explicit description of the punishment of the wicked is frightening, to say the least! If I were not a Christian, I certainly would have hastened to the water soon after hearing his message! Thanks for your indepth research and study on the subject and for helping us not to “reinvent the wheel.” This will certainly help us in our Bible studies here in Jamaica.

    Denis Tomlinson

  3. Comment by Richard Parsons at 3:59PM.

    This is the best lesson on this subject that I have ever heard. I have read many of these same passages but brother Wayne has opened up many areas that I have not thought about. He has certainly put forth a lot of time, effort and prayer in his studies.

    Thank you for making this available.


  4. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 3:19PM.

    Will there be a uniting of our body and soul in the resurrection? Will it be the same for those who have lived against the will of God? What light does the OT and NT shed upon the resurrection of the righteous and the wicked? This study sets forth truth favorable to the righteous, but not for the wicked. Consider a destiny of shame, contempt, revulsion and abhoring as compared to everlasting fellowship and intimacy with your Creator. This lesson will help you make the right choice and be thankful for the redemption available of both body and soul.
    Thank you very much for the motivation.