When Will Jehovah Heal the Land?

When will Jehovah heal our land?

I think this lesson is generally appropriate at all times, but especially in light of Newsweek Magazine’s cover article this week, The End of Christian America (4/4/09).

But more importantly, this lesson points to how we need to personally examine ourselves and seek God’s favor. As a nation, and as individuals, God’s promises for earthly blessings and judgement await our response.


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  1. Comment by Patricia Games at 3:19PM.

    I have now listened to all of these. All are wonderful lessons. Thank you so very much.

  2. Comment by Herb Carnagey at 6:30PM.

    A captivating introduction shows the scope of David’s preparation for the temple and its magnificent completion under his son Solomon. Did everything remain magnificent? No! Events in the life of Elijah, David and Israel show that God rendered judgment on His people for unfaithfulness. Could they be restored? Yes! This lesson discusses a particular Old Testament passage with present day application. In this lesson you will find out what that passage is and be enriched by its relevant instruction. This lesson is easy listening and enlightening.